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    Personal Chef
    Car with driver

How to book?

Choose villas for rent from
are on-line catalog confirm
Determine the exact date
of check-in and check-out
Send us request
to check availability
Get invoice
and make the payment

How to pay?

credit card paymentPayment of renting of the villas can be carried as electronic payment or through visiting the bank with the bank teller ..

Bali Booking - villas for rent in Bali!

We are an Indonesian company PT Bali Manajemen Solusi and invite you to the island’s of eternal summer with beaches, with shores of crystal clear warm sea, magical nature and unique personal service. We offer customized tours to Bali with accommodation in private villas and hotels with direct lease at a price set by the company management or its owner. At this point you can choose a villa of more than 400 options, and this number is increasing every day. Villas in Bali: a luxury residence in the mountains, by the sea, in hotels and on the beaches - it offers everything to bring happiness to a person and get an energy boost of life that will stay for a long time. Welcome to the Island of the Gods!

Tours and activities in Bali - Treat yourself to an unforgettable journey!

Visit the sacred monkey forest, national characteristics of the residents and find Indonesia. Taste the many culinary delights from exotic fruits and seafood. More adventurous guests can wander through the wild jungle and observe the unique representatives of the animal world. If you stay with no fishing it's not a vacation, the best solution is to rent one of the many boat in Bali. Embark on a sport fishing day to catch your own marlin, tuna, snapper, swordfish and barracuda. This is truly a royal experience a fisherman of any level can be proud of. If this is not for you, we can arrange combined tours in Bali and the neighboring islands of Java, Komodo, Lombok and others. Truly these islands are magnificent.