Bali areas and beaches



Denpasar - Bali’s capital

bali regions mapDenpasar, which means "east of the market." Today, Denpasar is the administrative and commercial center of Bali. It is a green tranquil town with its sights. Decoration of the central part of the main city area of Bali has become Puputan, commemorating events in 1906. Near the square is a museum Puputan Bali, for the north wall of which rises the temple of Pura Dzhagatnatha. Odnoy attractions Denpasar is the noisiest and biggest market goods and supplies on the island. In the largest city of Bali tourists can also visit the art gallery and art center.

Beach: Denpasar is located away from the beaches. Living in this area you will need between 20 minutes and up to 1 hour on the road to be on the beach of Sanur, Seminyak or Kuta.


Kuta - district and beaches

area kuta 1If you can not imagine this holiday without nightlife, while the resort town of Kuta will not disappoint you. Kuta is located on the west coast of the island is seven kilometers from Denpasar. A busy life rages around the clock. The beaches of Kuta with a clean and soft sand, great beauty and magnificent sunsets waves are very popular with surfers. This is the best place on the island for learning to surf. Near the area no rocks or coral reefs, which may make the wave surfer. The resort can be considered a relatively inexpensive vacation destination in comparison with South Bali. This area is for those who want to stay in the "thick of things." However, keep in mind that the beaches are quite crowded, so for a family vacation or a honeymoon is not the most suitable place. Kuta faces toward the west, and so, as they say, is the most beautiful sunsets in Bali.

Not far from the resort area of the shopping and entertainment area of Kuta - supermarkets, restaurants, pubs, bars, nightclubs, pool, massage rooms and discos for all tastes, ensuring a fun and thrilling experience of night life in Bali. Here, life ends only at dawn. In addition to its own private beach, Kuta beach there is a general, who is a favorite "hangouts" for young people from all over the world, as well as for surfers.

area kuta 2One of the biggest malls Discovery Shopping Mall is located in the center of Kuta. Not far away, on the central Kuta area - supermarket Matahari. Many shops and small shops are concentrated along the streets of Legian. The stylish boutiques - in the street in the north of Kuta, Seminyak. On the streets of Kuta, you will easily find a place for breakfast, lunch or dinner for even the most demanding taste. Legian Street at night invites to numerous bars, clubs and discos. You can walk down the street and pick the club that you seek. Night life is much more active on Fridays and Saturdays.

Large water park Waterbom is located directly across from the mall Discovery Shopping Mall. "Bali Bangui" - 40-meter bungee for thrill - is located in Seminyak, a district nightclub Double Six.

KUTA BEACH: Perhaps the most popular on the island. It stretched for several kilometers along the south-west coast. On the beach you find sun loungers with parasols (umbrellas) for hire for a small fee, and venders selling drinks etc. With many cafes and restaurants, a large shopping center Kuta Beach Walk. To the one who decided to "get on the wave" offers a huge number of schools for surfing and international surf school Reap Sirl or Slam. Minus - with the large number of tourists and as a result, rubbish (although the beach is cleaned regularly) and beach "molested". Entry to the water is quite shallow and sandy so comfortable to swim even with children, and there are waves that are to the liking of surfers. Just felt the ebb and flow (to the full moon tides stronger), but at low tide the waves almost there.


Jimbaran - district and beaches

area jimbaranJimbaran a relatively new tourist area located in the south-west of the island is approximately 6 km south from the airport. The place has become famous for beautiful sunsets and delicious fresh seafood, a large selection of which is on offer form the restaurants that set up directly on the beach.

Gently breaking waves with your classic tropical beach with fine sand, on a clear day from here you see the outlines of all Balinese volcanoes and mountains, and in the evening you can watch the beautiful sunset. Later as it gets darker lots of little ships, fishing in the ocean at night on board are small lit lanterns - an unforgettable sight.

Cooked, grilled with spices, a wide range of the most delicious and fresh sea foods, using traditional hot coals of coconut shells and coconut oiled wood. Flocking tourists and locals dine with gentle breeze and gorgeous sunsets.

JIMBARAN BEACH: Characterized by calm water with occasional "flesh" waves, hosts largest fish market in Bali. The beach stretches along the coastline of the Bukit Peninsula Airport, a length of about 3 km. The nearest supermarket Nirmala (Nirmala) is located in 5-7 minutes by taxi from any of the hotels. The gray-yellow sandy beach gently slops to the water. Tides and less perceptible than in Nusa Dua, Seminyak and Kuta.


Seminyak - district and beaches

area seminyakThe most fashionable area to relax in Bali is certainly Seminyak area. It is located just outside the area of Kuta. Now it is hard to draw a clear line between the areas of Seminyak, Kuta and Legian. In the seventies were small villages, but now are closely intertwined with each other and formed a large area, which is the center of attraction of thousands of tourists from around the globe.

Seminyak tourist infrastructure is the most developed of all the areas. There are hundreds of shops, restaurants and bars. The most fashionable clubs and discos of the island are also located in this area - Ku De Ta, Double Six, Hu'u Bar and many others. Seminyak – is a great place for shopping. Most shops are open until 9 pm. You can buy good quality products and very well-known brands at very reasonable prices. The most well-known supermarket in this area is Bali Deli. There you can find a variety of delicacies from all over the world, and the wine cellar offers dozens of fine wines also from around the world.

SEMINYAK BEACH: The beach of Seminyak, a continuation north of Kuta beach and can get the strong waves, but much less tourists. Seminyak beach itself is can be cleaner and nicer than Kuta, this is due to the fact that luxury hotels and villas are located along and extend up to the beach front. Here you can also easily find sun lounges with parasols and cozy coastal restaurants. Walk the dark yellow gently sloping, sandy beach. Wade into the water. The ebb and flow noticeable (for the full moon tides stronger), but at low tide the waves almost there, so comfortable to swim even with children. In the evening the beach of Seminyak becomes a shimmering colored lights. Lounge in the open. Almost all the cafes and restaurants put up a cozy, soft pillows right on the sand, garlands of lights, soft music and great food to have a leisurely conversation and relax.


Nusa Dua - district and beaches

area nusa duaNusa Dua, which translated means "two islands", located on the Bukit peninsula in the southern part of the island of Bali is only 12 km south of the airport and is the southernmost part of the island. Respectable resort of Bali Nusa Dua is designed for travelers who prefer only the best. Here are the most prestigious hotels, the architecture of which is of interest even for experts. This is by far the most fashionable resort island. Nusa Dua coast is famous for its white beaches and lagoons with crystal clear water, so all the world's major hotel chains are represented here.

Golden fine sand Nusa Dua is considered one of the best on the island. The band korralovogo reef at kilometer away from the shore protects the beach from strong waves of the surf. 5 minutes from Nusa Dua Tanjung Benoa peninsula a range of water sports and fishing.

Central Shopping Centre Nusa Dua - Bali Collection, is within walking distance from any of the hotels (5 to 15 minutes). Here you will find a variety of shops, including a small supermarket, and a decent selection of restaurants and cafes. Before entering the main gate Nusa Dua is a supermarket Hardiz (Hardy's). If you are looking for nightlife, in Nusa Dua is practically no difference.

NUSA DUA BEACH: The beach, like the whole tourist area of Nusa Dua is kept in perfect order. 5 * hotels are constantly monitoring the purity. You almost do not see surfers and motor boats. It is a fact that this area of Nusa Dua has become a favorite destination for Russian tourists. On the beach, you can rest in the company of compatriots. Cafes have menus in Russian, and taxi drivers and private drivers pretty well speak Russian. On the pale yellow sandy beach, there you will find beach chairs and umbrellas for rent. If you like, the beach of a hotel, you can buy drinks at their beach bar and you can enjoy free sun beds and umbrellas. The ebb and flow is very sensitive, although there can be found a benefit. Low tide exposes the coral reef and the opportunity to touch the underwater world without sinking into the water. Do not forget to wear beach sandals, smear the face and body sunscreen and take a hat and camera.


Sanur - district and beaches

area sanurIt is the oldest and one of the most tranquil resorts on the island of Bali. A 25 minutes drive from the airport. Sanur is one of the main centers for water sports in Bali. It has a much lower diversity of nightlife than Kuta. The simple layout of the town and its secluded atmosphere attracts couples and those seeking relaxation. Good place for family holidays.

Night Market at the intersection of Jalan Tamblingan and Jalan Sindhu offers a good selection of the best traditional Indonesian dishes. The resort goes to sleep early, so most restaurants accept orders until 22.00.

Right on the beach in the northern part of the resort is a house-museum of the Belgian artist Adrien Jean Le Mayor de Merpresa (1880-1958), who arrived in Bali at the age of 52 years, and is famous for the romantic story of his love for a young dancer Neither Pollock, who posed for many of his paintings. Balinese dance can admire any day, both in Sanur and the surrounding area.

SANUR BEACH: A quiet and peaceful place where there is no noisy clubs and youth hangouts. This attracts the more mature tourist, to the coastal hotels and they determine the bulk. On the shores of Sanur beach you will find a lots of cafes and small shops. Just as in Nusa Dua tides are very strong, especially during the full moon. However, you can always view the schedule and choose the best time to visit the beach with yellow sand shallow entry into the water and stroll along the reefs.


District Ubud

area ubud 1The small town of Ubud, located in the central part of the island (60 minutes from the airport), a recognized center of Balinese arts and crafts, the source of inspiration of designers from around the world. Ubud - mountain resort, located 27 kilometers from Denpasar, the temperature is slightly lower than at other resorts. Throughout the year there are heavy rains. lush beauty of the jungle and rice fields, combined with the unique architecture and good service has earned fame to this area to a favorite place of the international bohemian hangouts, artists and seekers of the spiritual path.

A verity of fine boutiques and artisan shops and a large market many goods handicrafts in the city center. This allows guests to fully enjoy shopping, with restaurants, cafes to suit all tastes. From light breakfasts to exquisite gourmet dishes, from romantic dinners in secluded alcoves to a festive feasts in the Royal Palace.

area ubud 2Monkey Forest in Ubud, one of the favorite places for children and adults. The long-tailed macaque gladly eats the bananas brought, and can make interesting photos. The temple dedicated to the goddess Saraswati - the patron of knowledge and the arts (Pura Taman Saraswati) is a water garden in a lotus pond. The Museum of Fine Arts Puri Lukisan is where you become acquainted with the work of local artists. Puri Saren - Ubud Royal Palace - built in the 19th century. In the evening, you can see performances by traditional Balinese dancers.

In the vicinity of Ubud - a lot of creative workshops and galleries, where you can admire and purchase items made of precious wood, silver and gold jewelry, paintings and batik.

BEACH: Ubud District does not have its own beach and is about a hour trip by car to the nearest beach, such as White Sand Beach, which is located in Candidasa.


Candidasa - district and beaches

area chandidasaCandidasa area is located on the eastern side of the island of Bali. This small, cozy resort area, just 65 km from the international airport in Denpasar. In one version of the name of the district was taken from an ancient manuscript, which was referred to Candidasa temple, built in the XII century and dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Stunning beaches with sparkling black sand, the incredible beauty of the blue ocean, the newly opened expressway running parallel to the beach - all this makes the area Candidasa ideal destination for lovers of the ocean. However, here you can swim only at low tide. For scuba diving or swimming with flippers and mask Candidasa still remains one of the most popular places in Bali. In the resort a lot of areas for diving and hiking trails. Divers can dive the wreak of the U.S. transport ship that was sunk by Japanese troops during World War II.

Three kilometers from the resort, surrounded by majestic hills, lie's the village of Tenganan. It is considered the cradle of ethnic Balinese. Here you can buy the famous Balinese fabrics created by local artists. To the east of the village lie's Tirtaganga palaces, whose name means "sacred waters of the Ganges." Palaces in fact - is a large-scale ensemble of ornamental lakes, fountains, pools and springs. The complex was built by King Karangasem after the Second World War.

In the past few years, Candidasa is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination. This resort is visited by people who want a break from the tourist bustle and crowds of people. Many quiet hotels will give guests the island is such a relaxing stay.

CANDIDASA BEACH: Perhaps this is the best beach on the island of Bali. Known among foreigners as White Sand Beach and deserves special attention and visit, even in spite of its distance from the tourist routes. White sands, clear water, cozy cafes, a coconut grove - the perfect place to stay to be the number one beach in Bali. It is on these beaches to they shoot the commercial chocolate Bounty! At high tide, the waves are strong enough at low tide the water goes away not giving a good opportunity to take a swim.


Tabanan - district and beaches

area tabananTabanan regency is located in the central and western part of the island of Bali. Area is most often associated with visitors to the island with rice terraces, green hills and mountains. An impressive site too, Batukaru Mountain the second highest peak in Bali at 2276 meters.

If you are seeking a relaxing leisurely vacation, contemplating a quiet time, the rice terraces and majestic cliffs, the Tabanan area would ideally be suited for you.

TABANAN BEACH: Yeh Gangga the most famous of these, all black sand beaches a length of 2.5 kilometers. Soka Beach is located 10 km to the west of the city. On the beach there are several cozy cafe where you can order food and drinks. Much of the coastline of the area is not safe for swimming due to the strong waves and the enchanting beauty of the cliffs. The beach is more suitable for surfing and is not specially prepared for swimming, lots of coral and black stones, but gives visitors great views and panoramas for a photo.


Ungasan - district and beaches

area ungasanUngasan - "young" a booming tourist area located in the southern part of the island, 20 minutes' drive from the international airport of. Bali. Located near the best and clean beaches, such as Dream Land, Balangan, Green Bowl, Pandawa. Beach area of Ungasan ideal for surfing and other water sports such as sailing or parasailing over the ocean.

District acquires popularity due to the large number of modern villas with ocean views. The villas are located in a 5-15 minute drive to the ocean, it allows you to enjoy the spectacular views from the terrace houses directly without feeling damp, which is inherent in all the hotels or villas located on the first line. Ungasan is located at an altitude of about 150 meters above sea level this location gives guests a cool island breeze and the night breeze that makes it comfortable to rest after a hot day.

UNGASAN BEACH: Ungasan area abounds with beautiful beaches. Dreamland Beach is characterized by large waves. Sun bathers attract to the beach traders, souvenir, masseurs, and coffee venders. The sand is light yellow, shallow entry into the water, but the waves nonetheless always reach the beach, swimming, especially for children, is not advised. On the hill above the beach awaits an entertainment complex KLAPA, which offers visitors a restaurant, bar, lounge, nightclub. Entry 100,000 rupees (about $ 11), tickets can be exchanged at the bar for juice, cocktails, or beer. The complex has its own swimming pool on the edge of a cliff, where you can relax and swim with sea views.


Canggu - district and beaches

area cangguCanggu in the past is a small village on the shore of the ocean is about 20 minutes north of Seminyak, half way to Tanah Lot. The district has many Balinese villages with a traditional way of life. Beaches with a dark gray or black sand is not particularly good for swimming, but taste the famous and challenging surfing spots such as Echo Beach, Seseh and Pererenan.

Chang is popular with foreigners who decided to stay and live on the island. Bali, the same area offers a large number of villas for rent. Much of the area is undulating landscape with rice fields, typical of much of southern and central parts of the Bali.

CANGGU BEACH: In this area a of mass beaches for surfing, swim there, we do not recommend because of large waves, wind and almost no infrastructure, although some beaches offer a cafe, lounge chairs with umbrellas and surfboards for hire. Echo Beach is not suitable for swimming, is located about 30 minutes north of Kuta. This is a great place to surf, a "hot spot" on the beach is the Beach House. Here you can enjoy a barbecue on Sunday. Seseh Beach in Canggu - this is the beach with the dark volcanic sand, quite rocky and windy. The closer you approach the beach, the scenery is beautiful. It will open to a picturesque area of rice fields. Berawa - it is beautiful, with a light brown sandy beach. Here you can find vendors of souvenirs, restaurant Legong Keraton - the perfect place to sip a cocktail and relax.


District Umalas

area umalasUmalas - a quiet area, located among the emerald rice fields on the southwest coast of Bali to the north of the bustling Kuta. Area is located 10 minutes from the bustling Seminyak with its many restaurants, clubs and boutiques. Ngurah Rai Bali about 30 minutes by car from the international airport.

Feature of this area is an equestrian sport. Here you can ride horseback along the beach or arrange a horse ride in the rice fields.

Umalas is home to a growing number of foreign tourists and guests. Bali. District does not have its own beach, but only 10 minutes by car and you will find yourself on the golden sands of Legian, where it's always noisy and fun.

BEACH: District Umalas is located at some distance from the beach, about 10-15 minutes by car or bike to the beach Seminyak or Kuta.


Tanah Lot - district and beaches

area tanah lotDistrict of Tanah Lot is located on the high banks of the south-west coast of. Bali. A beautiful landscape of emerald rice fields, quiet village with a traditional way of life, does not leave anyone indifferent. The main attraction is the temple Pura Tanah Lot, built by Hindu monks in the 13th century. It is located on a small island 100 meters from shore. Isolated at high tide, it seems that the church like a ship cuts through the waves of the ocean with their sharp edges, and at low tide, when the water recedes, exposing the bottom where you can walk out to the temple. From the Indian Ocean the waves rock, on to the black volcanic sandy beach. As well Tanah Lot hosts a golf course designed by golfer Greg Norman one time world champion.

Here has become one of the most popular spots on the island of Bali for the eternal painting titled "Sunset" the tired light slowly sinking into the waters of the Indian Ocean, gives people an incredible rainbow of colors, peace and tranquility. It just stops and the night comes around, Tanah Lot falls asleep, the next day to repeat the incredible scenario of life.

BEACH:Tanah Lot has a rocky coastline. Beaches are not suitable for swimming. The best option is to hire a car, motorcycle and go to the beaches of Canggu, such as Berawa, Seseh or Echo beach.


Ketewel - district and beaches

area ketewelKetewel located on the southeast coast of. Bali. Quiet, tree-lined streets, a small local fruit and vegetable market, a colorful ceremony in the temple, that's normal life in the area. Ketevel is only 45 minutes from the international airport Ngurah Rai, 30 minutes from the cultural capital of Bali the town of Ubud, ten minutes from the arts and crafts market Sukawati, ten minutes from Sanur, almost all the diversity of the island is in the area - from diving and snorkeling to extreme sports and theme parks. Horseback Riding Stables in Saba, three of the best golf courses are minutes away.

Ketewel is the birthplace of the origin of the famous dance Legong Bededari, and in the nearby village of Sawa historically best live Legong dancers on the island. On the ocean at the sacred Pura Segara sea temple they hold their Balinese Hindu cleansing ceremony.

KETEWEL BEACH: Beach Semawang protected from waves and is the perfect place to relax with the family. On the beach there is a beautiful restaurant "Stiff Chili Restaurant". Pabean Beach was once a small port through which oriental traders brought their goods. During low tide, you can see the structure of the old harbor and touch the history of this place. The sand is almost black in color with a gentle entry into the water.


Tanjung Benoa - district and beaches

area tanjung-benoaTanjung ("cape") Benoa - is a sand bar, which is a small village. Today - it's fast developing tourist resort, designed primarily for people with average income. The road to Tanjung Benoa, it leads from the center of Nusa Dua (a five-star resort.) On both sides of the road there is a hotel, massage centers and restaurants. Driving time from the airport is 20-25 min.

The strip of golden sandy beach stretches for 1.5 km along the coast. A coral reef at a distance of 1 km from the coast protects beach strip from strong waves and marine animals. There are all types of water sports: water bikes and water skiing, canoeing, fishing and paragliding.

TANJUNG BENOA BEACHES: Ideal for swimming, for adults and children, but be careful, because of a lot of jet skis, boats and other equipment rolls vacationers along the coastline. Along the beach have many cafes and restaurants. With a large number of hotels infrastructures, that you can take advantage of by buying drinks at the beach bar. The sand is light yellow in color, at low tide opens sandy atolls; you can walk up to, and just soak up the sun in the middle of the ocean, just like the Robinsons.


Uluwatu and Pecatu - district and beaches

area uluwatu pecatu 1Uluwatu and Pecatu - areas considered to be the best for surfing. Most of the surf spots are only suitable for advanced or expert surfers. The names of the most popular surf spots: Uluwatu, Dreamland, Padang-Padang, Bingin / Impossibles and Suluban. The terrain is hilly, with spectacular views of the ocean. Area gained its popularity due to the large count of private villas and stunning beaches with clear water and white sand.

The main attraction is the temple of Pura Luhur Uluwatu. Pura Uluwatu is one of the key temples in Bali, situated on a steep cliff in 70 meters above the Indian Ocean. Notable is the church, which has an age of about 1000 years. From the temple terraces offers spectacular views of the ocean and incredible sunsets. By the way it is at sunset theatricals action area uluwatu pecatu 2dance Kecak (Kechak - dancing monkeys) performances are held daily from 6pm.

More and more couples from around the world want to connect knot on Bali. Peninsula Bukit (Bukit), where there are areas of Uluwatu and printing is the most popular destination for such ceremonies. There is a stunning, modern, purpose-built wedding pavilion on a cliff with a chapel next to the Bulgari Hotel, and a number of resorts and private villas in Bali offer special wedding packages.

ULUWATU & PECATU BEACH: Padang Padang, Bingin, Uluwatu - famous among surfers from svsego world. The light yellow sandy beaches clean, clear water, suitable for surfing and swimming. Sign in Padang Padang beach. Hacked through the rock, a narrow passage and stairs give it charm and fascination. Nearby is the temple, which was chosen by the local monkeys. Here in shallow water, swimming particularly good at low tide and suitable for adults and children.


Kerobokan - district and beaches

Kerobokan is southwest coast of Bali is a quiet area with rice fields, 25 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport between the areas of Seminyak and Canggu. There have furniture workshops, small restaurants cafes and, shady streets and handicraft shops. An approximate area similar to Seminyak with its developed infrastructure, nightclubs, bars, restaurants and boutiques allows for a wonderful holiday and spending time. At the same time, tired of the hustle and bustle of the holiday, you can rest at villas in Kerobokan, where it's always quiet and calm.

KEROBOKAN BEACH: Beach Batu Belig, which means slippery stone, is located on the southwest coast of Bali between areas of Seminyak and Canggu. Unfortunately this beautiful beach is not suitable for swimming but is a great for surfing. For those who do not plan to surf, on the beach there are restaurants and small cafes where you can enjoy the stunning views, dine or enjoy a cocktail or for a modest fee, rent a deck chair, sunbath and watch the surfers.


Island Lombok

area lombokLombok Island is adjacent to the island of Bali, they are separated by the straits of about 50 km. Lombok is similar in size and cultural heritage of Bali. The capital is the city of Mataram, the island's population of about 3 million. The island's main attraction is the active volcano Rijani. Located in the center the volcano is surrounded by a crater lake, which rises 3,726 m above sea level, making it the second largest in Indonesia.

Flora and fauna of the islands are unique, because between the islands of Bali and Lombok lies the Wallace Line that divides the biogeography regions of Asia and Australia. Here you can find vegetation and animals of Australia with large varieties of birds, monkeys and herds of rare deer. Mount Rinjani National Park - is the official park taken under the protection of UNESCO.

Much of the islanders are employed in agriculture. Rice, corn, vegetables and coffee are their main crops . There is a widespread fishing, pearl farming, pottery and beekeeping. Lombok in Indonesia is known as a source of the best in the country honey.

BEACHES IN LOMBOK: The most famous is the Lombok Kuta Beach - beautiful beach with white sand and turquoise water. The beach attracts visitors for its beautiful virgin beaches and surfing. Whether you are an experienced surfer or a beginner, you will find a place for surfing. Surfboards can be hired on the beach as well as sun lounges with parasols. On the beach there is also a cafe and restaurants where you can eat out or have a cocktail overlooking the incredible color of the ocean waves breaking on the white sandy beach.