Food in Bali



food nasi gorengFood in Bali is perhaps more than in any other corner of the world is very different. Here we have a taste and budget to suit all. Two popular Bali island dishes are Nasi Goreng (fried rice) and Mie Goreng (fried noodles and egg) with vegetables, chicken or seafood. You can enjoy a local roadside (Cafe) Warung for USD 1.50 or a more up market restaurant for say, USD 3.50, and you can ask the chef at your hotel or villa were you stay to prepare for you and dine in. Restaurant menus can be a little more expensive.


Products in Bali

food pasarFood markets in Bali (Pasar) are perfect for those fans in the kitchen. Cooking for yourself, villas have almost all utensils you need. Markets sell a large number of herbs, spices, and fresh vegetables and fruits, poultry and meats food pasar ikanBuying seafood is always better from a specialized market such as in the village of Jimbaran close to the airport. Always a fresh catch with over 30 different varieties of seafood; lobster crab, shrimp, squid, mussels, oysters etc. Depending on where you are staying in Bali a visit to your local market could be more convenient.

Products from the market - a wonderful option tasty and healthy food, if you stay at the villa, where there is a kitchen, and often a chef. Market prices pleasantly pleased with its democratic character, for example:

mango at season - 1 USD / kg chicken - 2 USD / kg cucumbers and tomatoes - 0.5 USD / kg
local oranges (Jeruk) - 1.2 USD / kg Red Snapper (red grouper) - 4 USD / kg eggs USD 1 per dozen
pineapple - 0.7 USD / pc tuna - 3 USD / kg bread - USD 5 for a loaf
strawberries - 1 USD / kg lobsters - 25 USD / kg fig - 0.5 USD / kg
papaya - 1 USD / kg shrimp - 7 to USD 15 per kg roasted coffee Arabica - 12 USD / kg
bananas - 1.5 USD / kg crab - 7 USD / kg imported sausage - USD 20 per kg
watermelon 1.5 USD / kg mussels - 2 USD / kg cigarettes Malboro - 1.5 USD / pack
Coconut - USD 0.5 for the nut australian beef is USD 10 per kg local beer BINTANG 0.6l - 3.5 USD

* Indicative prices for 01/11/2012

A little suggestion don’t be fooled by the seller’s smiles, the price for a tourist are often higher, so feel free to haggle. The golden rule of pricing by locals in the market place is generally international visitors may be asked a higher price. So don’t immediately rush to the markets after your arrival to Bali and buy up the place!


Cafe, Bars, Restaurants in Bali

food warungWarung (a small cafe) sometimes set up every evening is characteristic of simple interior, not very comfortable furniture and usually food is prepared before your eyes. Some warungs can be more permanent small type restaurant with a kitchen, accordingly, sanitary standards do not appear particularly high. But seemingly with no problems. Since most food on display is at ambient temperatures and handling is generally not a concerm. Dinning at these places is quite acceptable.

Those who have spent time on the island, already know some proven Warungs and frequent these institutions with confidence for their delicious foods and for the budget conscious. You will find Bali offers European and Asian cuisine and lovers of Japanese the food restaurantTake in Kuta, restaurant Sushi Tai comes highly recommend on Sanset Road, Kuta. For those who cannot live without meat, restaurant pub Arena in Sanur or Kerobokan. Those who come for the taste of Indonesian, warung Made warung in Seminyak, Italian cuisine the restaurant Ultimo in Seminyak or Peppenero in Jimbaran. Taverns on Jimbaran beach for Seafood and the Restaurant Samaya Breaze. Chinese restaurant Fei Loon in Kuta or Kuta Plaza on By Bass Road and Thai cuisine the restaurant Kat's kithen.

Eating out, a restaurant dinner can cost you 50-150 dollars for two, although the Warung is always an alternative will set you back (USD25-30 a couple max) or cook dinner at the villa itself or with the help of the chef (dinner for 5-6 people USD80 cost of food). For fans of fast food Bali has MC Donald's, KFC, BURGER KING, Domino's pizza, Pizza Hat, STARBUCKS. You will not go hungry.

We recommend to visit the following restaurants and bars:

  • food ku-de-ta logo  — The famous bar-londzh, restaurant KU DE TA. Europe prices, very stylish, fashionable, with a view of the ocean. European, Italian and Asian cuisine. Dress code. We recommend booking a table in advance. Menu and prices.
  • food living-room logo — THE LIVING ROOM: Wonderful place, European food, reasonable prices. Closer to 12:00 o'clock in the morning bar and club.
  • food rumours logo— Restaurant RUMOURS: pasta, marbled beef, a good selection of alcoholic beverages and desserts.
  • food ultimo logo— Restaurant ULTIMO: delicious Italian cuisine.
  • food trattoria logo — Restaurant TRATTORIA: Italian cuisine.
  • food mades-warung logo— MADE'S WARUNG restaurant Indonesian and European cuisine, featuring local and European dishes and watch a dance performance.
  • food huu logo  — Bar londzh HU'u. Delicious and fun.
  • food bubba-gump logo— Surely you saw this wonderful movie Forrest Gump! - ".. Shrimp cooked a million dishes: shrimp, boiled, fried, soup with shrimp cakes with shrimp, shrimp salad, shrimp sandwich .." Big mountain fresh shrimp, cooked to your taste awaits you in this wonderful restaurant BUBBA GUMP.
  • food gado-gado logo — Restaurant GADO-GADO: Indonesian and European cuisine with an ocean view.
  • food bumbu-bali logo — Restaurant BUMBU BALI: delicious Balinese cuisine.
  • food sushi-tei logo— Fine Japanese restaurant Sushi Tei, a lot of space, a lot of visitors, all very, very good.
  • food kupu-kupu logo — KUPU KUPU BARONG European and Indonesian cuisine in Ubud.
  • Take – The best Japanese restaurant in Bali, in our opinion. Always fresh sushi, rolls, smoked eel right in the restaurant, and many other Japanese delicacies.
  • AYUNG TERRACE Hotel Four Season Sayan in Ubud. Excellent international cuisine, impeccable service.


Smoked delicacies

food smoked lobsterSmoked delicacies beyond all praise, all prepared direct to customer and delivered to the villa or hotel. Shark in the trunk of bamboo, shrimp, lobster, duck, mahi-mahi, barracuda, piglet. You can choose something to suit your taste or order and get it wrapped to take with you. It will pass airport customs so you can even bring bamboo shark into your country and surprise your friends and colleagues.

Barracuda Lobster Shark Python Mahi Mahi Duck mix (shrimp, lobster, barracuda)
1,5kg - 65 $ 1,5kg - 65 $ 1,5kg - 65 $ 1kg - 65 $ 1,5kg - 65 $ 25 $ 2,5kg - 150 $

* Prices for 01/01/2013