Interesting places in Bali





interesting tirtagangaThe holy water of the Ganges; water palace was built in 1947 by Raja Amlapury. Severely damaged a number of times, in the past once in 1963 by the volcano Agung and in 1979 by an earthquake. With painstaking work restored allows us to still admire this masterpiece of architecture. Ponds and fountains surrounding the temple with shady paths lined cafes with beautiful views of rice terraces.

Temple of Besakih

interesting besakihLocated in the village of Besakih is the most important for Bali. At a height of about a thousand feet above sea level at the foot of the volcano Agung it is a grand complex of Hindu temples. Here you can touch history and enjoy the cool refreshing mountain air. Information on Excursion to the Temple of Besakih.

Taman Ayun Temple in Mengwi

interesting taman ayunTaman Ayun («Taman Ayun») literally translates as "beautiful garden" and is the richest of "Pagoda" in Bali, which is referred to as the family temple. It is located in the garden of the "island" that washes the river. In the waters that surround the temple grow lotus Lilies. The district of Mengw, was a kingdom before the end of XIX century. Visits to Taman Ayun Temple begin with a Tour of the province Begudul.

Temple Batukaru

interesting batu karuThis beautiful "garden temple" (Batukaru Temple) with its "Cultivated trees.", is dedicated to the god Sang Hyang Tamuvu. The location of the temple is unique "hidden" in the woods, far from civilization, is located on the slopes of Mount Batukaru. Leading to the temple are narrow village streets stretching lazily in the hills with stunning views of rice terraces!

Luhur Uluwatu Temple

interesting luhur uluwatuXI century Hindu temple sits on a rock, which rises 70 meters above the Indian Ocean. It was built by a famous Javanese priest. Within this temple live in all probability the most treacherous monkey on the island, free to roam the temple grounds and the forest that surrounds it. Next to the temple is an amphitheater, with daily presentations dance "Kechak" which is basis on the epic Ramayana. The dance is especially unique, because it is not accompanied by musical instruments just the cries of men dancers who perform the role of monkeys.

The temple of Tanah Lot

interesting tanah lotThis temple is located in the south-western part of Bali Island. Visits to this temple is only at low tide, at high tide it becomes isolated, sitting only 100 meters off the beach. Visits here are most popular where you can watch the magnificent sunset. This temple is one of the most important on Bali Island. Built by a Javanese priest in the XVII century, a trip to the temple of Tanah Lot is a must. Tour of the province Begudul.

Temple Gunung Kawi Sybatu

interesting gunung kawiFounded in XI century it is one of the most beautiful and unusual cave temples in Bali. In a quiet and cozy lush green valley setting carved into the rock are nine, seven-meter figures. Five of them are on the east, four in the west bank of the river connected by a bridge. Pools with running water, bubbling fountains were lotuses and lilies grow and leisurely swimming are Koi goldfish.

Temple Tirtha Empul

interesting tirta empulThis temple was built in the 10th century, during the administration of Raja Chandra dynasty Bayangsinga Varmadeva. This is one of the most charming temples to visit here. The main feature of the temple is a large rectangular stone pool with twelve fountains fed by water from the holy spring and heated by volcanic subsoil.

Temple Goa lavah

interesting goa lawahTemple Goa lavah is located in the town of Klungkung is approximately 50 km from Denpasa. There the foot hills stretch almost to the temple Besakih. Near the temple there, have a cave which is home to bats by the thousands. At sunset they take to the sky to feed. A visit to the temple of Goa lavah includes an Excursion to the Temple of Besakih as well as a Tour of the province of Karangasem.



Gallery of wood carving village Maas

about bali rezchikProducing by hand, carved two-meter wood masterpieces. Carefully choosing their canvas (tree,wood) and working with body and soul with their tools crating works of art. Carving is an art form, not a craft, as many believe. This art is a family heritage, passed on from generation to generation. These galleries are always of high quality work and honest attitude to customers and if you buy a statue from the gallery or any other product. You can be sure that you now own a piece of Bali. From chosen woods to carved by artist. You are truly a collector of art.

Gallery products batik village Tohpati.

interesting batikBatik - a method of painting on to a fabric, cotton or silk. First the pattern is applied to the fabric with hot wax, and then immersed in a solution of natural dye and color only those areas absent of wax. Then the wax is removed reveling amazing patterns. Of course, the greatest value is silk batik. In the village galleries, you can observe the production and the products can be purchased from their stores. They also encourage you to participate and create your masterpiece Batik.

Gallery of silver and gold in Cheluk.

interesting celukCheluk is acknowledged throughout the world for its handcraft of jewelry. Articles of silver and gold made in the original national style. Here in Cheluk galleries, you can purchase not only rings, earrings, bracelets and other jewelry, but also furnishings and accessories. For example, candle holders, clips for notes, strap, box and more. Precious and semi-precious stones, including the famous Indonesian natural pearls are used in the manufacturing of their products.

Gallery of stone carving in Batubulan.

Batubulan is located in Gianyar Regency. With large demand for stone carvings, temples statues throughout Bali possibly came from here, a porous volcanic white stone with a slight yellow tint. Products are incredibly beautiful and price a pleasant surprise.



interesting melanting-waterfallBali is often called a paradise on earth. Its fantastic nature makes it one of the most popular destinations in the Indonesian archipelago. The island has a large number of rivers and waterfalls. Traveling Bali! Do not miss the positive energy beneath these waterfalls.

Waterfall Tegenungan located to the south of Ubud, this 20 meter height waterfall and silvery water is always cold. Next Falls Kuning, Is located near the hamlet of Bangla, which the western foothills of the Gunung Batur. Streams of water falling from a height of 25 meters and descend into a natural pool the Royal Bath guest waterfall.

The highest waterfall island called Mampeh. This 40-meter giant is near the hamlet Les. This powerful, but somewhat gloomy view is amazing.

Nung Nung Waterfall located in the village of the same name. At an altitude of 900 meters above sea level, powerful water jets from a height of 50 meters, bombards for centuries and undermines its stone platform at the foot of waterfall, carving out a natural pool where you can swim and enjoy the magnificent spectacle. By the waterfall are 511 steps cutting through the rainforest with breathtaking views of the jungle, the vast rice terraces and a river that cuts through the valley. Visits to the waterfall Nung-nung is part of the Excursion to the volcano and Lake Batur Kintamani.

Git-Git waterfall is about ten kilometers south of Singaraja. With Beauty and height it is only slightly inferior to the already mentioned Mampeh. The walk to the waterfall is a 200 meter along track with shops selling souvenirs and traditional fabrics. The visit to Git-Git waterfall is included in the Tour of the province Begudul.



Monkey Forest Alas Kedaton

interesting monkeyLocated in Tabanan, 170 meters above sea level, is the sacred monkey forest. Here in the 12 hectare forest inhabited by countless monkeys and flying foxes, in the center rests an ancient Hindu temple called Dal Kahyangan Kedaton. The visit to the Monkey Forest Kedaton is included with the Tour of the province Begudul.

Monkey Forest Sangeh

The 14 hectares forest area in the village Sangeh. Here the unique Pala nutmeg trees, which are not found anywhere else in Bali. In the forest is the Hindu temple Bukit Sari. Along the edges of the track the nutmeg trees pull their branches to the sun from all sides, with interest and curiosity the macaque’s monkey look on as visitors stroll passed. A visit to Sangeh Monkey Forest is an Excursion to the volcano and Lake Batur Kintamani.


Kintamani volcano

kintamaniIn the neighborhood is Kintamani Volcano and within its crater Lake Batur. Take a visit to the temple dedicated to the goddess of the lake and Radon hot springs. Drive into the crater approximate size 10 km by 13 km, where scientists estimate to have formed by a massive explosion, eruption of the giant volcano about 30,000 - 40,000 years ago ... The appreciation of nature and hardened lava flows is really fascinating and is simply breathe taking. After the explosion, remained "volcanoe" with a height of 1717 m, with three new craters and lava spills near the lake the size of 9 to 3 km.

While driving, along the road down into the crater you will see how the locals live and grow different crops in the black volcanic soil, which is a characteristic of places in Indonesia with volcanic activity. Areas absent of farming becomes an absolute alien experience megalithic size chunks of lava ejected by the volcanic eruption, you for a moment completely leave this planet.

Within the crater by the lake live original Balinese tribe - "Bali Agy,", they are still very isolated and they can either across the lake by boat or go through the mountains on the road and then walk. It is possible to organize a climb of Batur volcano. The hike begins at 4 am to reach the top to meet the dawn sun rise, incredible. Information on the Excursion to Kintamani Volcano and Lake Batur.


Garuda park

interesting garudaThe full name “ Park Kultury Garuda Vishnu Kenchana’ (GWK) . This is a 240 hectare private cultural park on the Bukit Peninsula a very advantageous position at the highest point of the southern tip of the island. From here on a perfectly clear day you can almost see the Whole Island, visible is Benoa port and Bali airport Ngurah Rai, is just a few km north. Although he is not fully complete the 23m high statue of Vishnu, is simply an amazing and mesmerizing site.

It is here from all over the world that entertainers perform in concert. The huge open space surrounded by natural limestone pillars provide excellent acoustics and can seat an audience of about 10,000 spectators.

Парк Гаруда очень необычное и можно сказать уникальное место в Юго-Восточной Азии, но к сожалению реклама турфирм о нем скромно умалчивает.


Province Ubud - arts and crafts center

interesting ubud 1Ubud - the best place for those who want to get acquainted with the culture of Bali. This region contains amazing art museums and galleries. German painter Walter Spies in 1928, settled in Ubud. Since then, the village has become the center of Balinese arts and crafts.


  • Palace Painting - Art Museum in Ubud, Founded in 1965.
  • Pura Saraswati - the temple complex, Dedicated to the goddess of water and knowledge. located in the picturesque garden.
  • Women's Art Gallery Seniwati under the auspices of the Association of Women Artists of Bali, which was founded by the English artist Mary Nortmor. Here from time to time there are exhibitions of local and international artists.
  • interesting ubud 2Monkey Forest - Reserve. Besides the monkeys are interesting to see Pura Dalem Agung Padang Tegal - operating temple dead community Padang Tegal. Here is considered the focal point of strong magical powers of haven and evil spirits.
  • • Just west of Ubud river Sungai Ayung - center for rafting and kayaking in Bali..

In Ubud each evening there are representations of Balinese dance and concerts. Here to are clubs, disco and bars. Since Ubud is the center of various crafts, almost every corner you are able to buy gifts, such as figurines, carved from coconut, hibiscus and "crocodile" etc. Most shops are open every day till late.


Province Begudul

bedugulBalinese is grown strawberries and many other fruits and vegetables, which are distributed throughout the island, in all markets, grocery departments in supermarkets, on hotels and restaurants. There is a popular lake - Bro, due to the fact that right in it and around it proudly stand 2 temples, Hindu and Buddhist dated XVII century. There is a belief, or who obmyvshiysya there will be young, beautiful and healthy for years to come as water of the lake is considered sacred.

Lake Danau Bratan is a sauce of irrigation; the Balinese have been growing strawberries, many other fruits and vegetables which are distributed throughout the island to markets, grocery departments, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants. Around the lake proudly stand 2 temples, a Hindu and Buddhist dated XVII century. There is a belief that who may live there will be young beautiful and healthy lives years to come as water of the lake is considered sacred.

In the small village of Bedugul, located on the southern shore of the lake Danau Bratan is home to many attractions in the region, one in particular a jewel of central Bali. Bali’s Botanical Garden (Kebun Raya Eka Karya Bali), Bali’s equivalent to the National Botanical Gardens in Bogor (island of Java ). The garden covers nearly 130 hectares of land on the slopes of Gunung Pohon (Tree Hill), possesses a rich collection of 650 species of trees and 400 species of orchids. In addition, one can observe a variety of birds. It is the center for studying the flora of the region with its own herbarium and library. The small but very picturesque Bukit Mungsu market offers a wide selection of spices and plant, including orchids. Information on Tours of the province Begudul.