Shopping in Bali



A shopping experience in Bali an interweaving of Asian and international brands along with local Balinese manufacturers of silver jewelry, pearls, wood, stone and leather. Lippo Malls Indonesia probably represent one of the biggest retail malls in Indo….. Lipoo Karawaci mall, location Tangerang just out of Jakarta….and a new Lipoo mall is just been develop at Bali airport.


Shopping center

shopping mallFor those who prefer the air-conditioned comfort of shopping centers and shopping malls, in this segment Bali is represented by several shopping malls. In the shopping centers you’ll find most known brands and stores, with areas dedicated to cafes and restaurants. Generally, all stores offer a summer, beach and evening wear.

For those who want to feel the center of fashion, you’ll just have to visit the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta with a population of 10+ million with approximately 2 million commute daily into the city. In Jakarta are all the current modern fashion houses and designers, European, Asian, Australian and American. Huge multi-storey shopping malls, modern styles, convenient parking, escalators and a service that’s hard to beat were ever you are in world.


Leather goods

shopping krokodileProducts made from Leather make an exotic tropical island souvenir for your friends, colleagues and don’t forget you. Skin from Python, sharks, sea eel, crocodile, lizard and more, are a variety of sizes, colors and patterns. Visitors to the island can always find something special and beautiful. The range of quality products; belts, jackets, leather shoes, flip flops as well as briefcases, handbags multi-colored Ugg boots, ballet flats, shoes, boots, gloves, wallets, clutches, bracelets and coats so many.

handbags (python)
from 100 USD
shoes (python)
from 30 USD
jacket (python)
from 500 USD
bag (crocodile)
2500 USD
slippers (crocodile)
200 USD
Strap (shark)
from 150 USD
portfolio (python)
from 200 USD

*Indicative prices for Bali leather on 01/01/2013


Balinese batik

shopping batikIf you need a reason for shopping in Bali “Balinese batik”. The word batik means "drop of wax." This technique of drawing is based on the practice of paraffin wax being deposited on to the fabric, the fabric is then dipped into a colored solution. The wax prevents color from penetrating the fabric, so to leave areas clear of that color. Repeating this process until the pattern it is complete, Batik is a hand-painted fabric silk, cotton or wool. Batik as an art was originally only for royalty. Today is now available to everyone.

Balinese studio service cost is quite low, choose a fabric and Batik pattern and have a dress tailored to fit. For the tailor, USD 25,00 to sew and from 2 to 5 days wait time, the cost for material from $5 per meter. Products can be ordered from any studio in Bali.


Balinese jewelry

shopping jeweleryBalinese produce many articles of silver jewelry; they use pearls, semi-precious and precious stones. Because silver is mined directly and pearls are produced in Indonesia the cost of the finished product is small compared to the prices in another countries.

You can go directly to the factory to see the production and buy something to remember for yourself or as a gift to friends.

ring (silver) chain
bracelets (silver) pendants (silver) bracelet
(Drag. stones)
from 30 USD from 40 USD from 20 USD from 50 USD from 40 USD from 10 USD from 250 USD

*Indicative prices for Balinese jewelry on 01/01/2013


Balinese beauty

shopping cosmeticsDue to its perfect location 8° south of the equator the tropical climate of Bali and Java with its rich flora and oceans, the islands have the natural ingredients’ for producing their products for beauty and wellbeing. Balinese spa beauty products from salons, factories, or private producers the availability is endless. Known or unknown, Bali is a Mecca for the industry of personal beauty, and practically every salon has to offer massage oil, bath salts, shampoo, soaps, etc.. The flower frangipani, ylang-ylang, agar-agar, sea salt, cinnamon, clove, rose, mangosteen, mango, coconut, etc. Do yourself this one favor indulge pamper- self this is a journey…… worth taking …. silahkan menikmati ….(please- enjoy)…

Shampoo Soap Shower gel Scrub Body Butter Cream Bath Salt Spirulina, Buah Merah
2-10$ 1-3$ 1-3$ 1-3$ 3-10$ 2-7$ 1-10$ 60$

*Indicative prices for Balinese cosmetics on 01.01.2013


Souvenirs and interior goods

shopping souvenirsSouvenirs from Bali : ( Oleh-Oleh Bali, by-by Bali) these can be warehouse like with impressively large floor areas with many items from refrigerator magnets to paintings , wooden figures of birds and animals, ritual masks, dolls, fans, pictures, cards, scarves, coffee, tea, candy, T-shirts, mugs, beer openers, dishes and kitchen utensils from the coconut palm and for the lady can choose air Pare, hats, beach bags and candy.

Shops and private vendors offer furnishings for homes and apartments on the island of Bali. With all sorts of lamps, chandeliers, floor lamps, wall lamps, vases and bas-reliefs of the stained glass and onyx statues of Buddha, guests may take the opportunity to buy furniture made to order, custom-design and manufacture from teak, coconut or rattan. Huge selection of aroma lamps. Souvenirs made from bamboo, which grows and is used everywhere in Bali.

mask of wood Lamp (sandstone) Buddha statue magnet egg of onyx T-shirt "Buffalo Skull" (slon. bone) bead Cigars
(Balinese tobacco)
2$ 30$ 2$ 0,5$ 2$ 5$ 60$ 3$ 5$

* Indicative prices for Balinese souvenirs on 01/01/2013