Yoga in Bali

Kurbatskaya Nadya
A specialist in adaptive physical education. Personal trainer "Planet Fitness", "Olympus". Experience of 12 years.


Hatha Yoga classes and you have a villa! Perfect: you’re personal performance of Asanas, working in groups, pairs or singles and for the beginners the use of accessories to simplify the development of techniques, staging, breathing and dietary advice for good health.

Private lessons with a coach allows coaches to focus only on you as a result lessons will take place more efficiently. The information that you want to convey will be presented to suit your individual features of perception in simple and accessible language. The program will be built to meet your requests and initial training.

To facilitate the development of asanas and adjust their implementation techniques used Accessories: blocks, belts. Training in small groups allows you to work in pairs. One lesson - 1.5 hours.

Personal Training 35 USD
Split Training (2 people) 50 USD
Group lesson (from 3 people) 25 USD / person